In May 2018 I decided to leave University and instead follow my deepest desire: to travel, see the world and be completely free. Even though I am not on the road all the time I am on a constant journey within myself. Here I like to write about my personal journey, as a matter of self-expression. Also, I like to write about my adventures. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!

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Interested in the expression of my creative joy? Here you can check out some of the things I made throughout the years.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Discover awesome plastic-free, circular and eco-friendly alternatives for your favorite products! Here I will share sustainable lifestyle tips and tricks that I discover along the way. Also, I’ll review sustainable products as I encounter them.

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Take Action!

Together we can realize green, thriving and sustainable global communities. In times of crisis it is important to stay calm, get educated and be resourceful. Here I’ll share (links to) articles and documentaries on climate change and what we can do about it. Find out what you can do today to save tomorrow!

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