My Story

As a child I gazed out of the classroom windows, dreaming of wild animals in forests, adventures in jungles and deserts, deep diving into the wonders of underwater worlds. I dreamt I could fly and see the whole of Planet Earth. I dreamt that I could speak all languages, in order to communicate with everyone, everywhere. The only thing that has changed since my childhood daydreaming is that now I am making those dreams my everyday reality, as I am on my way to explore all corners of this glorious planet, while exploring my own potential.

I grew up in the Netherlands with my parents and two brothers. I am grateful that I was blessed with a healthy, loving and supportive family. I have always been surrounded by loads of loving friends and family. They have granted me the freedom to follow my heart. That is why I eventually made the decision in May 2018 to no longer remain on the path that I was on.

When I stopped studying Biotechnology at the University of Lifesciences in Wageningen, a lot of positive energy started to unfold in front of me. It was as if I was carried, effortlessly, by some kind of flow that seemed to be rejoicing in my decision to take a huge leap of faith and follow my strongest desire. It freed me from the restraint of these internal boundaries that had kept me in doubt, anxiety and dread for too long. I changed my inner narrating voice from “this is not the right time” to “now is the only time”.

Not a second goes by that I am not grateful for this life. Everything that has happened so far has directed me to follow this path, that is so full of growth, love and connectedness. I am grateful for all the hardship, just as much as all the blessings. Everything has happened exactly as it should have, that is the way of the universe. I am convinced of it.

Eva Dubois

Enjoying life since 1996