Here I like to share some of my work. It’s my passion and joy, it always has been.

My Christopher.
This is the first portrait I did on toned grey paper. It’s my version of Emma Stone.
I knew him only for a very short, but a very turbulent time. He played Spanish guitar music. It was stunning.
Hans is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. We met in Wageningen, where I studied for three years. There are few people I know of who light up a room as Hans does. We always have so much fun together and I am simply enormously grateful to have this wonderful human being in my life! I gifted this portrait to him a couple of years ago for his birthday.
This one I made years ago to kill time in between Christmas meals with family.
This portrait of my ex-boyfriend is the first one I ever made. I was in Portugal for a summer holiday with my family and I missed him so much so I decided to draw him. That’s when I discovered that I was really intrigued by portraying. though I didn’t do another one until I did one of myself some years later.
This portrait is of one of my favorite artists on Instagram. Some time ago we chatted a little and he motivated me to start drawing again. “Draw me”, he said. So I did.
This one I did during PsyFi festival last summer. He inspired me greatly at the time and he gave me some pretty helpful insights.
This is a self-portrait painting I did after my experiences in Berlin. Visualizing what I had felt like was part of my healing process.