Leaving for Berlin



My legs feel tingly and weak, my mouth is dry and my chest is tight. My heart is pounding so vigorously that my entire body vibrates along. In my mind, a thick fog takes away all clarity. I can hear myself speaking as if I were standing at the other end of the room. The day seems to be fragmented. This morning I woke up in my own bed, as usual, surrounded by familiar smells and people. This afternoon I drank a beer with my best friend, chatting away about nonsense in order to cover up the nerves that tugged at my insides. When the evening came and it was time to take my backpack, get in the car and head to the bus station all of my courage left me.

My Backpack


As I am Looking out of the car window into the night, lights lit in houses flashing by, the fog clears from my mind and my body starts trembling with enthusiasm. Here and now I surrender completely. I can feel all the nerves and doubts evaporating, vanishing into thin air. I can now hear the mighty lion roar. Its roars rise while simmering hot flames rise with them. The flames of passion, my love, my destiny, my dreams and desires, they finally reach their pinnacle. For I am finally on the road. On the road to adventure, to a new life, the life I have always dreamt of. Everything is as it should be. Everything will just be alright, I think to myself as I relax into the car seat.



This morning I arrived in Berlin after an 11-hour bus ride. Totally disorientated and immediately confronted by the fact that I was alone, I had to find out how to get to the city center. Usually, I travel together with a friend who is super organized and immediately knows where to go and how to get there. Not this time. Now it’s just me and I’m not organized, at all. My backpack is too heavy and I struggle clumsily to lift on my shoulders. A flash of red appears on my cheeks. I look around to make sure nobody notices. Which doesn’t make any sense I tell myself straight away because who cares about those things, anyway. So I take a deep breath and laugh at myself for stressing out about nothing. Then I ask a cool-looking guy how I can get to the city center. He points me in the direction of the subway, the U-Bahn Fahrer. Some minutes later I sit comfortably in the subway on my way to the Zoologischer Garten, the Berlin Zoo. After leaving my backpack in a locker nearby I am free to explore the German capital. Let the adventures begin!

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  1. Go girl! We admire your spirit and drive and we heartily believe in and support your cause. All our futures depend on people like you taking charge…. ♥️

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