Time of departure


Curiouser and curiouser! Every time I open myself up to the wondrous ways of the universe I feel amazed and awed, just like Alice did when she exclaimed these famous words at experiencing the thrilling mystery of Wonderland. The universe really does act in mysterious ways.


On the 18th of October 2018, I turned 22 years old. To celebrate this fact, I took a large canvas roll and went to Amsterdam with my brother and my best friend, Iza. We sat on the museum plein grass and asked random passersby to join us and make art with us. That’s how we met an extraordinary group of individuals who were walking towards Morocco. They inspired me greatly, especially because I was really stuck at the time and anxious that Iwas not saving enough money quick enough. In this outburst of inspiration, I decided something. I decided something based on a feeling that came from deep inside of me. I couldn’t explain it at the time and I can’t really explain it now either. There was no logic in my decision. It was pure language of the hart I guess.


I said to myself “In two moons time I will leave for Morocco by bike.” It didn’t make any sense, because two moon-cycles from then it would be midwinter in the north of Europe, so leaving for Morocco would be quite badly timed. In the meantime, I did almost forget about this mysterious aspect of my decision. I had just kept the intention of wanting to travel to Morocco by bike. Through logic reasoning, I decided to do so in the spring instead of in midwinter. I had also planned a while ago that I’ll celebrate NYE in Berlin, Germany. Very recently though I gave in to my immense desire to be on the road and decided to change my plans a little. I decided that I would see where the path takes me, with Berlin as starting point. Which means, that on the very day that I arrive in Berlin the moon will have shown her full glorious body, radiating in the night sky, for the second time since my birthday. For the second time since the mystery of heart and destiny led me to make that curious decision.

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